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ACG Chartered Accountants- Sector Expertise



We understand the issues faced by this sector, and have a sucessful track record in helping our clients tackle their challenges. These include seasonal variances in sales and cash flow, recruiting and retaining competent, reliable people, monitoring performance (both financial and non-financial) and in spotting emerging issues and opportunities.





ACG has many years of experience in working in the property field. Whether you are undertaking a buy-to-let, buying a property to sell on, or purchasing land and buildings for development, ACG will be able to provide the expertise and knowledge to assist you get the best returns on your investment in the most tax efficient manner.




Professional Services

Whether you are a Barrister pupil, thrown into the world of self-employment and facing your first tax return, a Solicitor, looking for tax-relief on your household costs, or a High Court Judge thinking about retirement, ACG can help. We have years of experience in this specialist sector, assisting Barristers and Solicitors in minimizing their tax liability and optimizing their financial position.




The retail sector is now more competitive than ever, with the rapid growth of internet trading and direct marketing. At ACG we can help you maintain your market share and maximize your profitability through improvements in your stock control, purchase re-ordering, and reconciliation procedures.





Today, charities are operating in a highly competitive environment and are expected to operate as effectively as many commercial organisations. Since The Charities Act of 2006, the sector is undergoing considerable change. ACG has many years experience working with Wrexham and Chester based charities, and is able to combine expertise in this sector with local knowledge, to help you get the best out of the change.